What is Serial Release

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While browsing around our website, you may have come across the term serial release. You may be wondering what we mean by this, and how it differs from publication.

What Is It?

Serial release means that we are breaking down a larger body of work and releasing it in small installments. This method is more typical of a newspaper or magazine, with installments printed in sequential editions until the story is complete. Signum UP is trying something new: our serial release is a subscription format available through our membership and subscription platform Blackberry.

How It Works

For Signum UP, serial release is a pre-publication format. Readers may choose to subscribe to one or more of our authors and receive completed drafts of each finished chapter. These drafts are not first drafts or even second or third drafts. They are nearly complete and ready for publication. However, during this subscription period, the author may also be offering Author’s Circle events, which allow readers to interact with the author in a patronage system and meet for monthly updates, revision sessions, and previews of the material. As such, the content may change after it has been released for the monthly subscription period.

Once all of the chapters have been released serially, the entire book undergoes more editing and revisions for continuity and other factors. It is then published in its entirety.

Serial release may apply to multiple genres and imprints under Signum UP’s model. It is also entirely within the author’s hands if they wish to release their work serially or engage in an Author’s Circle program, giving our authors and creators the freedom to try different modes and models to find what works best for them. We plan to offer academic, fiction, and pop scholarship projects for serial release as we are able.

We’re very excited about this method of release and look forward to offering our readers many more works to choose from!