Author’s Circle

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We’re trying something new at Signum UP! As part of our effort to directly support authors throughout the publication process, we offer an additional model for authors and creators to opt into. We call this the Author’s Circle.

Author’s Circle is our own in-house patronage program. It’s our way of allowing readers to become part of a special community with their favorite authors while also providing support for authors during the writing process.

Perks of the Circle may vary based on what each author is interested in offering. Generally, an author will meet with members of their Author’s Circle once a month to discuss ongoing writing projects, share insights into their writing process, listen to feedback, and chat about whatever else the community is interested in.

In addition, if the author has a work being published through Signum University Press using the serial release model, the monthly provision of the serially released text is included in the Author’s Circle membership.

The cost for Author’s Circle membership is $25/month. The author receives 50% of this up front, and the other 50% is used to defray costs of publication, thus increasing the author’s royalty payments. The cost does not increase once the author begins a serially released work.

Membership to the Author’s Circle is not retroactive. If you join in the middle of an ongoing Circle, you gain the benefits of membership starting on the date you join and moving forward.

Subscriptions and memberships are managed through our Blackberry platform. Sign up for a Blackberry account today to learn more about all of our great products!

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting endeavor to support authors and creators in each stage of the process!