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Eagle & Dragon is the popular scholarship wing of Signum University Press. We publish works informed by academic research written for a wide general audience.

We are interested in smart, engaging, accessible works that invite readers to explore any literary topic. We are particularly keen to publish books that welcome new readers to aspects of Tolkien, the Inklings, fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, fairy tales, languages, popular culture, fandoms, and work by authors from minority cultures.

Some of our upcoming projects include a primer on The Silmarillion; Corey Olsen’s Exploring The Lord of the Rings; an apologia for the liberal arts, and A Brief Guide to Tolkien’s Second Age.

Upcoming Releases in Eagle & Dragon

Exploring The Lord of the Rings, Volume 1 (cover)

Exploring the Lord of the Rings, Volume I

Dr. Corey Olsen

Serial release beginning late 2022

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Photo of Jeff LaSala

The Silmarillion Primer

Jeff LaSala

Serial release beginning in late 2022

More information coming soon!