Logo for Quickbeam Books: A stylized quickbeam, or rowan, tree in brown with green leaves and red rowan berries on the branches.

Quickbeam is the literary imprint of Signum University Press.

We publish literary works, such as poetry, short stories, novels, and creative nonfiction. Our readers particularly enjoy fantasy, science fiction, mythopoeia, fairy tales, secondary worlds, dystopia, Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism, dark academia, superheroes, mythic narratives, archaism, formalism, and epic poetry.

We have recently accepted a fantasy novel about a dryad by Kay ben-Avraham and a collection of short stories and poems by Tolkien scholar and novelist Verlyn Flieger.

Quickbeam does not publish romance, erotica, horror, or fanfic.

Upcoming Releases in Quickbeam Books

Headshot of Dr. Verlyn Flieger
Dr. Verlyn Flieger

A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories and Poems

Verlyn Flieger

Anticipated release in Spring 2023

Cover forthcoming

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Photo of author Kay ben-Avraham smiling and looking slightly to the left
Kay ben-Avraham

The Flower of the Cedar

Kay ben-Avraham

Release date: Serial release beginning 2023

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Black and white headshot of Sorina Higgins
Dr. Sørina Higgins

A Handful of Hazelnuts

Dr. Sørina Higgins

Release date: Serial release and Author’s Circle beginning November 2022

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Fallible Aesthetics

James Hamby

Release date: Serial release slated to begin March 2023

More information is coming soon!