Excellence. Accuracy. Originality. Clarity.

Signum University Press showcases rigorous academic studies, translations, editions, and commentaries. We accept a wide variety of academic works, such as monographs, collections, essays, and standalone articles, which we will oversee through the peer-review process. 

While we are interested in smart, engaging, insightful works of scholarship in any area of literature, language, and linguistics, we are particularly keen to publish studies of 

  • Tolkien and the Inklings;
  • speculative fiction broadly (including fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and adaptations);
  • historical, modern, and invented languages;
  • linguistics and philology;
  • digital humanities;
  • popular culture and fandoms. 

All theoretical approaches are welcome, including interdisciplinary and experimental perspectives. The Editor notes a particular need for readings that employ ecocriticism or critical race theory in thoughtful, innovative ways, or studies of Afro/Africanfuturism and Indigenous Futurisms. 

Some of our upcoming projects include an essay collection on recent Arthuriana and a study of early American and British science fiction television.

Upcoming Releases in Signum University Press

Love, War, & Politics: Channeling King Arthur through the Mediums

A collection of graduate-student essays about Arthuriana from Tennyson to last Tuesday

Serial release slated to begin in June 2023

Cover art forthcoming!