An interactive and dynamic community of writer and readers!

Let’s face it: making money as an author has always been hard, and in the chaotic environment of modern publishing, it’s even more difficult. Part of our mission at Signum University Press is to see that authors are properly rewarded for the hard work, knowledge, skill, and time spent providing the rest of us with wonderful things to read.

The Author’s Circle is our way of allowing readers to become part of a special community with their favorite authors. The author will meet with members of their Author’s Circle once a month to discuss ongoing writing projects, share insights into their writing process, listen to feedback, and chat about whatever else the community is interested in. In addition, if the author has a work being published through Signum University Press using the serial release model, the monthly installment of the serially released text is included in the Author’s Circle membership.

The cost for Author’s Circle membership is $25/month. The author receives 50% of this up front, and the other 50% is used to defray costs of publication, thus increasing the author’s royalty payments. The cost does not increase once the author begins a serially released work.

Please consider becoming a member today to support your favorite authors, get an insider’s glimpse of their working methods, and enjoy sneak peeks into future books forthcoming from SUP!

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