Jupiter over Carbonek

Stephen Barber has been studying and writing about Charles Williams for over twenty years, and his articles have been widely read. Now they have finally been collected and revised. His particular interest is in Williams’s Arthurian poems, but he also writes about several other aspects of Williams’s work, including his friendship with T. S. Eliot and their mutual influence, his critical work and his family life. He sees Williams as a modernist poet, but one who took a different path from his contemporaries and created an idiom to express his unique vision.

About the Author

Stephen on a gray suit, glasses, in front of a bookshelf.

Stephen Barber

Writer, scholar

Stephen Barber was born in 1946 in London, England, and now lives in Oxfordshire. As a child he was an avid reader, with myths, legends and Bible stories all featuring prominently. Late,r he took his first degree in English Literature at Cambridge. His professional work was in another field altogether but he has always continued to study literature. He was introduced to the work of Charles Williams by Williams’s first biographer, Alice Mary Hadfield, who was the mother of a school friend. He became Treasurer of the Charles Williams Society , a position he held for many years, and started writing articles, mainly on Williams’s poetry. After moving to Oxfordshire, he resumed study of Latin, and later, Ancient Greek, and started writing about Latin literature. He is also a keen classical pianist and a regular reviewer of classical CDs.