What Is It?

Serial release means that we are breaking down a larger body of work and releasing it in small installments. This method is more typical of a newspaper or magazine, with installments printed in sequential editions until the story is complete. Signum UP is trying something new: our serial release is a subscription format available through our membership and subscription platform Blackberry.

By becoming a monthly subscriber, you are supporting the author in their brave endeavors! You’re also supporting the Press in our goal to bring quality literature into the world.

How It Works

Serial release at SUP gives readers a sneak peak into early versions of a work, released on a monthly basis prior to publication. Readers may choose to subscribe to one or more of our authors and receive drafts of the work in early-release installments. This is a great way to support an author, watch their work develop, and read a book in a draft version before it is available to the general public. Once all of the installments have been released serially, the entire book undergoes more editing and revisions for continuity and other factors. It is then published in its entirety.

Each author gets to decide whether they wish to release their work serially, giving our creators the freedom to try different modes and models to find what works best for them. Serial release may apply to multiple genres and imprints under Signum UP’s model. We plan to offer academic, fiction, and pop scholarship projects for serial release as we are able.

We’re very excited about this method of release and look forward to offering our readers many more works to choose from!