Signum University Press is the publishing branch of the Signum University family tree.

As an inventive, flexible new publisher, Signum UP aligns with the University’s mission of exceptional, accessible, and affordable scholarship. Through experimentation with dynamic modern technologies, state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, and a commitment to the long heritage of editorial excellence, Signum UP will offer a rich catalog of engaging works in a variety of media and formats.

Coming Soon

A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories and Poems

Verlyn Flieger
Quickbeam Books

Release date: Spring 2023

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Photo of author Kay ben-Avraham smiling and looking slightly to the left

The Flower of the Cedar: A Novel

Kay ben-Avraham
Quickbeam Books

Serial release beginning in December 2022

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A Handful of Hazelnuts: Short Stories

Sørina Higgins
Quickbeam Books

Serial release beginning in December 2022

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The Silmarillion Primer

Jeff LaSala
Eagle and Dragon

Release date: to be announced

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A New Way of Publishing

The Signum University Press aims to produce excellent, accessible, and affordable scholarship, popular works, and original literary creations through a variety of media:
Three stacked books
Cell phone and headphone
an e-reader
A pile of periodicals
Serial Release
Through the innovative technology of Blackberry (a membership, subscription, and e-commerce platform developed by Eldarion), the Press will offer streamlined purchase options, subscription packages, and membership benefits. Added perks will include early access to content, unique author experiences, and more.

What SUP?

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  • Announcement: Fallible Aesthetics by James Hamby
    We are thrilled to announce the acceptance of a new poetry collection from James Hamby! Hamby offers readers a reflective collection of poems on themes such as finding beauty in an uncertain world; epiphany and crossing thresholds; and the futility … Read More
  • Author’s Circle
    We’re trying something new at Signum UP! As part of our effort to directly support authors throughout the publication process, we offer an additional model for authors and creators to opt into. We call this the Author’s Circle. Author’s Circle … Read More