Signum University Press is the publishing branch of the Signum University family tree.

As an inventive, flexible new publisher, Signum UP aligns with the University’s mission of exceptional, accessible, and affordable scholarship. Through experimentation with dynamic modern technologies, state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, and a commitment to the long heritage of editorial excellence, Signum UP will offer a rich catalog of engaging works in a variety of media and formats.

New Releases

A New Way of Publishing

The Signum University Press aims to produce excellent, accessible, and affordable scholarship, popular works, and original literary creations through a variety of media:
Three stacked books
Cell phone and headphone
an e-reader
A pile of periodicals
Serial Release
Through the innovative technology of Blackberry (a membership, subscription, and e-commerce platform developed by Eldarion), the Press will offer streamlined purchase options, subscription packages, and membership benefits. Added perks will include early access to content, unique author experiences, and more.

What SUP?

  • Cover Reveal for Verlyn Flieger’s Book
    We have wonderful news! Today is the cover reveal for Verlyn Flieger’s new collection A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories & Poems! The artwork is a watercolor painted by the most excellent Emily Austin of Emily Austin Design. The café … Read More
  • Announcement: Upcoming Release from Martina Jurickova
    We’re excited to announce the acceptance of a new academic work from Martina Juričková! Cardinal Vices in Middle-Earth analyses Tolkien’s approach to the depiction of vices and virtues in three Middle-earth works, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and … Read More
  • Mythic Humanoids Run Amok
    We love to hear from YOU, our fans and followers! So we ran another poll on Twitter this week. This time, we asked about mythic creatures, but specifically mythic humanoids.  Which ones are your favorites? Which one most captures your … Read More