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As an inventive, flexible new publisher, Signum UP aligns with the University’s mission of exceptional, accessible, and affordable scholarship. Through experimentation with dynamic modern technologies, state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, and a commitment to the long heritage of editorial excellence, Signum UP will offer a rich catalog of engaging works in a variety of media and formats.

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The title Channeling King Arthur Through the Mediums: Essays from Signum University Students is printed on a white translucent rectangle in the lower third of the cover. The rectangle is further defined by a slender purple line near the border. At the bottom is a purple rectangle extending to the left, bottom, and right edges declaring in white text that the work is Edited by Sørina Higgins. The illustration for the cover, which seems painted, is a scene with roiling purple storm clouds in a sunset-golden sky. In the foreground we see a moss-covered stone about 80 centimeters high and the same width at its base, although it narrows a bit and seems to point upward. The stone is either at the top of a rise of land or perhaps is a bit of bedrock itself, dislocated into an upward thrust by ancient tectonic upheaval. A figure of legend centers this picture, King Arthur himself. He is crowned with a golden circlet bearing ruby and aquamarine cabuchons with sapphire peaks. His hair is red-blond and both his hair and his moutaches show curls. His beard, however, belies his entry into middle age with some white whiskers. Arthur’s face shows a grimace which suggests shouting anger. His majesty’s red cloak streams away to the left, indicating the direction of the wind. He is dressed in blue with a scale mail shirt and gold-decoated greaves. Below his extended arm, we can see a simple serifed cross on a necklace and a broad belt which has a pocket for his cell phone and a charging-scabbard for his light saber. The saber itself glows blue and strikes sparks against the stone. But Arthur is not drawing the sword out: he has not positioned himself above the sword to lift mightily nor has he engaged his upper body in that motion. His arms are extended, both hands grip the minimally decorated light saber hilt, and the sword points downward slightly toward Arthur’s foot. The king, already crowned and mature, is not pulling the sword from the stone, but striking downward, cutting into the stone. Is he destroying a source of evil? Is he marking a place to honor the fallen? Is King Arthur laser-blasting a hiding place for his sword in the very bones of the land—to wait, hidden by leaves and dirt and time, unregarded, until Excalibur and the rightwise born sovereign of Britain are needed again?

Channeling King Arthur through the Mediums

Signum University Press

Serial release beginning in June 2023

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The Silmarillion Primer

Jeff LaSala
Eagle and Dragon

Release date: to be announced

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How to Learn How to Think: What the Liberal Arts are Good For, Anyway

Prof. Michael D.C. Drout
Eagle & Dragon

Release date: Coming in 2023

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Cardinal Vices in Middle-Earth

Martina Juričková
Signum University Press

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The Signum University Press aims to produce excellent, accessible, and affordable scholarship, popular works, and original literary creations through a variety of media:
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