Sorina on party clothes, smiling with her hair up on a loose bun, silver necklace, makeup, and black and white blouse.

Dr. Sørina Higgins

Editor-in-Chief, Grand High Grammaryean

Sørina is the intrepid (some may say tyrannical) helmswoman who keeps the Press going and the team on its tracks, even when there are tempests or dragons. She’s also a writer, English teacher, modernist, Inklings scholar, yoga practitioner, cat lover, ballroom dancer, podcaster, homesteader, and definitely not a real-life magician.

Kira smiling to the camera, long straight hair loose

Kira Tregoning

Managing Editor, Marketing Director, and Superhero of the Many Hats

Kira is Sørina’s right-hand-woman, keeping the Press organized and on schedule. She is the creative mind behind all our marketing and social media as well as the Coordinator of Bookflow who performs magic with numbers, spreadsheets, and project apps. She’s also a fantasy author, linguist, archer, and horseback rider.

Christopher holding a girl cat and wearing the Mythmoot Dragons shirt

Christopher Bartlett

Audio Book Director and Mad Violinist

Christopher’s superpower is turning a text into the most gorgeous audio performance by finding the best readers for each work, directing audio recordings, and editing the files into final audio books. He is also one of our most attentive editors, as well as a body worker, musician, brewer, Aikido-ka, and believer in fairies.

Gio holding a large cat in front of a book shelf decorated with dragon toys

Giovanna Chinellato

Communications Assistant and Illusionist of Arts

Gio is the matchmaker between authors and artists to make sure our books look their best, and she’s also the one who implements the team’s design ideas into the website and books. She is a PhD candidate in Foreign Letters and Translation at University of São Paulo and a literary translator who also runs a small rooster sanctuary.

Sarah mildly smiling, with her hair hold back in a bun

Sarah Monnier

Assistant Editor and Sherbet of Allah

Sarah is in charge of printing and distribution, which means she is the one who actually gets books into people’s houses. She is also a scholar who edits many of our manuscripts, works with authors, bakes pies, sings opera, and raises a household of lively and intelligent children at the same time.

Nick with his wife, baby and small girl

Nick Palazzo

Cinematographic Genie

Nick is a YouTuber and SilmFilm writer who can turn anything into a video, even without footage. He also manages Author Circles and its members single-handedly while rocking babies with the other hand.

James serious, looking at the camera, wearing glasses

James “I can build that” Tauber

Digital Publishing Manager and Blue Wizard

James could build anything if he had the time, and he is the father of our multi-purpose platform Blackberry. He’s a polymath of a real-life wizard with degrees and skills in computers, technology, programming, web development, data science, linguistics, philology, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, educational research methodology, music theory, composition, wine tasting, and more.