Arms and White Samite

Enemy warbands ravage Arthur’s homeland, burning on every side. To rescue a lady, Arthur sends one rider into peril alone. The lady turns out to be far more powerful than anyone imagined. The rider is enraptured in the mysteries of the Faerie and the elves, and the worse and harder mysteries of war. Inspired by a long study of Arthurian fiction, philosophy, and the experience of war. It should appeal especially to readers who like J. R. R. Tolkien, Fritz Leiber, R. E. Howard, or Dunsany.

About the Author

Brad wearing sunglasses and holding a black and brown puppy.

Brad Patty

Novelist and war correspondent

Brad is the only man to both carry a rifle outside the wire in Iraq and also win the Aristotle Prize in Philosophy. He has ridden fast boats with the Navy SEALs in the southern Philippines while a war correspondent, operated as an officer of a private intelligente agency started by a CIA legend, and opened a think tank alongside a Special Forces weapons sergeant.

Dr. Patty is a rider of horses and motorcycles, an amateur strongman competitor, and a practitioner of martial arts both European and Asian. In addition to fiction, he writes in moral Philosophy, Strategy, Metaphysics, and History.