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by Katia Petrovsky

The Flower of the Cedar

Kay ben-Avraham is releasing a second edition of her novel The Flower of the Cedar, through Quickbeam Books, an imprint of Signum University Press. ben-Avraham brings to life the enchanting tale of a young dryad who must journey through perilous lands and face a formidable divine being to recover her three hearts.

Kay’s Author’s Circle is ongoing, and you can subscribe to her serial release now! Final publication is scheduled for February of 2024.

The Author’s Circle

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Join our author patronage system, the Author’s Circle, to be an active part of the creative process! Kay’s Author’s Circle members will receive:

  • Access to text and audio chapters on release
  • Access to notes and updates during the writing process
  • Monthly meetings with Kay to discuss and give feedback on the most recent chapter
  • A mention in the book if you make a suggestion included in the final book
  • Acknowledgement in the final volume
  • Personalized versions of the book at final publication

About the Author

Photo of author Kay ben-Avraham smiling and looking slightly to the left

Kay ben-Avraham

Novelist and poet

Kay and books have haunted one another all her life. There’s no help for it. She reads; writes; edits professionally (; teaches literature and essay writing; and attends bookish gatherings of her own free will. She even took her B.A. in English, for heaven’s sake. And now this.

Kay has previously published The Flower of the Cedar (first edition), which was self-published and released as a podcast with a Patreon project platform ( Her short story “The Door Called Death” was published in the Eastern Iowa Review and in Bards and Sages Quarterly, and her poem “Saint” was published in The Minnemingo Review.

You can follow her at