A translucent white banner with deckle edges reads “A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories and Poems.” A smaller similar banner shares the name of our author, Verlyn Flieger. The scene behind and between these banners has been painted of a charming old world downtown street at sundown. The sky is gold and salmon blending to a soft middle blue above. The street is clean, with tall buildings side-by-side. They look like businesses below with residences above. Warm indoor light streams out of rectangular windows and arched doorways which spills across the flagstone sidewalks and warmly colored street surface. A lovely spired building in the background suggests a stone church at the end of the street. No people, not pedestrian, nor shopkeeper, nor even a person peeping out of a window can be seen. At the center of this eerily quiet scene stands a wooden round pedestal table with four red upholstered spindle-legged chairs. The table is laid for four with triangularly-folded white napkins and a spoon at each place. Who is expected at this silent meal, and by whom? The artist’s signature, E. Austin, is written small in the bottom left corner.

Encounter a delightful and thought-provoking series of new stories in A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories & Poems.

Award-winning author Verlyn Flieger takes readers through a series of insightful short stories in the first part of the book, with a stroll into the darkness of life and human nature at the center of multiple episodes. In the second section of the book is a collection of new poetry exploring the depths of grief.

Verlyn Flieger, PhD, is Professor Emerita in the Department of English at the University of Maryland at College Park, specializing in myth studies and comparative mythology. She teaches a sequence of graduate and undergraduate myth courses that offer Celtic, Arthurian, Hindu, Native American, and Norse myth.