A gorgeous and delicate watercolor of a brown cedar flower in the center, surrounded by pointy green leaves and golden-lined branches.

Kay ben-Avraham is releasing a second edition of her novel The Flower of the Cedar, accepted for publication by Quickbeam Books, an imprint of Signum University Press. ben-Avraham brings to life the enchanting tale of a young dryad who must journey through perilous lands and face a formidable divine being to recover her three hearts.

Kay ben-Avraham and books have haunted one another all her life. There’s no help for it. She reads; writes; edits professionally; teaches literature and essay writing; and attends bookish gatherings of her own free will. She even took her B.A. in English, for heaven’s sake. And now this.

  • Author: Kay ben-Avraham
  • Year: 2023 (ongoing serial release)
  • Imprint: Quickbeam Books
  • Cover art: Katia Petrovsky
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